Our Mission

To provide effective and efficient financial management, human resources, Network / IT support, and mail services to support departmental programs.

Division Director

Susan Colligan

Division Director: Susan Colligan
(907) 428-6024 (JBER)
(907) 465-4600 (Juneau)


Division Operations Manager: Jolund Luther
(907) 428-7068 (JBER)

Human Resources


The Budget Section coordinates preparation of the yearly budgets in the statewide Automated Budget System (ABS), prepares the budget structure in AKSAS, and implements revised programs on AKSAS during the fiscal year.

OMB has delegated departments authority for certain revised programs. The Commissioner of DMVA has delegated that authority to the Director, Division of Administrative Services.


  • Rose Foley - Budget Analyst III - 428-7488, JBER

Fiscal / Accounting

Department Finance Officer

  • Amy Hillenbrand - Accountant IV - 428-6878, JBER

Accounting Section Supervisor

  • Wayne Romberg - Administrative Officer II - 428-6754, JBER
  • Pamela Wiederspohn - Administrative Officer I - 465-4735, Juneau 

Accounts Payable

The Acounts Payable section is responsible for encumbering, paying, and certifying all DMVA obligations. The section pays all invoices in accordance with state rules and regulations. The State Administrative Manual provides guidance to employees on proper expenditures and appropriate documentation of purchases. For detailed information on authorized state expenditures, click on the following links:


  • Neil Spencer - Accounting Tech II - 428-7080, JBER
  • Dianna Post - Accounting Clerk - 428-6765, JBER
  • Vacant


The Travel Section is responsible for processing completed departmental Travel Authorizations; providing advances and reimbursements to employees who travel on state authorized business; and reconciling the DMVA travel credit cards. In addition it provides assistance by answering questions concerning policy and procedures concerning travel.


  • Karen Saucier – Accounting Tech I -  428-6886, JBER
  • Trish Harrell – Accounting Tech I - 428-6773, JBER

Disaster Relief Fund

The Disaster Relief Fund section manages the Disaster Relief Fund reporting and collection activities. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides substantial funds through several grants and if disaster strikes, FEMA may contribute funds to help Alaskans recover.

The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management a part of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs receives grants for Homeland Security that flow through to municipalities within the State of Alaska from the United States Office of Domestic Preparedness. The Disaster Relief Fund section manages all aspects and functions of the fiscal accounting and integrity of these funds.


  • Vacant Accountant III 428-6752, JBER
  • Jennifer Bond - Accounting Tech III - 428-6890, JBER
  • Alexis Langdon - Accounting Tech III - 428-6753, JBER

Revenue / Reporting

The Revenue and Reporting Section reconciles grants and cooperative agreements with expenditures, prepares reimbursement requests, and records receivables.

The department is substantially funded by sources other than State general fund. Most of the revenue received in the department is federal. National Guard Bureau provides substantial support on a continuous basis through Cooperative Agreements.

Consequently, DAS must focus on a sound system to properly record expenditures, reconcile accounts, and prepare bills for collection. Quarterly and final status reports are provided to numerous federal funding agencies


  • Courtney Horne - Accounting Tech III - 465-4251, Juneau

Reimbursable Service Agreements

The Reimbursable Service Agreements section is responsible for all aspects of the financial accounting, and processing of, departmental budgeted and unbudgeted servicing and requesting Reimbursable Services Agreements (RSAs).

Reimbursable Service Agreements are used when one State agency, division, or specific appropriation contracts with another State or quasi-State department, division, or specific appropriation to perform a service.


  • All RSAs – except HLS&EM Ben Suson - Accounting Tech III - 465-4606, Juneau
  • HLS - Alexis Langdon - Accounting Tech III - 428-6753, JBER
  • DRF - Jennifer Bond - Accounting Tech III - 428-6890, JBER


The Procurement Section is responsible for purchasing and contracting for goods, services, and professional services for all DMVA divisions, managing department leases, department-wide management of State of Alaska accountable property, and for staffing, managing, and maintaining the Alaska Military Youth Academy Supply warehouse. This section also maintains the master list of training certifications and written procurement delegations for individuals with delegated procurement authority. All procurement and property actions within DMVA are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


  • Procurement Customer Service - 428-7109,
  • Douglas Moore - Procurement Specialist III 428-6026, JBER
  • Jim Sonnier - Procurement Specialist II - 428-7155, JBER
  • Bobbi Brauneis - Procurement Specialist II - 428-6874, JBER
  • Thomas Johnson - Procurement Specialist I 428-6758, JBER
  • AMYA Supply Customer Service - 384-6106
  • Tom Mobley - Supply Technician II
  • Scott Harrison - Supply Technician II

Information Technology

IT Services are provided for the Department by the Division of Administrative Services. We provide technical support, programming and communications to all Divisions within the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Our support hours are Monday thru Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm.

FY2014 IT Plan

Help Resources:


  • Help Desk Direct Line - 428-7187
  • Ted Johnston - Microcomputer/Network Specialist I - 428-7011
  • Kris Laubenstein - Microcomputer/Network Specialist I - 428-7251, JBER
  • Chong Choi - Microcomputer/network Technician II - , 428-6776, JBER
  • Rich Lehman - Microcomputer/Network Technician II - 428-7030, JBER
  • John Clifton - Microcomputer/Network Technician II - 428-7057, JBER
  • Jonathon Sherwin - Internet Specialist II - 428-6944, JBER

State Active Duty

When the Governor calls on the National Guard, Alaska State Defense Force, or Naval Militia to respond to a disaster or other emergency, the state is obligated to compensate members of the Guard or Militia for the time spent in state active duty. Members are called by their command, orders are written and delivered to DAS. DAS calculates the pay earned based on statute and federal compensation rates. This calculation is controlled by AS 26.05.260

Mail Services

Mail Services are provided for the Department by the Division of Administrative Services. The mail room is open mornings from 7:30 AM to Noon each day. Mail runs are from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Emergency mail needs can be accommodated


  • Bob Ernisse, Admin Assistant 1 - 428-6869, JBER

Standard Operating Procedures