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AKARNG HQ, Camp Denali
(907) 428-6051

(907) 264-5300

Alaska Army National Guard Soldiers with B Company, 1st Battalion (Airborne),143rd Infantry Regiment, jump out of a UH-60 Black Hawk for the unit's final jump before they retire their airborne status

State Mission:

When Army National Guard units are not mobilized or under federal control, they report to the governor through the state Adjutant General. Each of the 54 National Guard organizations is supervised by the Adjutant General of the state or territory. Under state law, the Army National Guard provides protection of life, property and preserves peace, order and public safety. These missions are accomplished through emergency relief support during natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and forest fires; search and rescue operations; support to civil defense authorities; maintenance of vital public services and counterdrug operations.

Federal Mission:

The Army National Guard's federal mission is to maintain well-trained, well-equipped combat units available for prompt mobilization during federal military operations. During peacetime, these combat-ready units and support units are assigned to one of two Alaska National Guard major commands to carry out missions compatible with training, mobilization readiness, humanitarian and contingency operations such as Operations Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.


A diverse, trusted, and capable organization ready to conduct Unified Land Operations for the federal government and the State of Alaska.


Maintain ready units and Soldiers that are available to support the Governor and fellow Alaskans for domestic operations while also ready to deploy worldwide in support of the National Military Strategy.

Lines of Effort:

  1. Provide a relevant, ready and available force
  2. Continually improve AKARNG professionalism
  3. Subject matter experts in the Arctic domain
  4. Partnered and aligned with appropriate agencies


  1. Our Soldiers are our customers, we need to focus on Soldier care
  2. We need to focus on Policies, Processes, and Procedures
  3. We have an obligation to be accountable as individuals and as an organization
  4. Organization Force Structure (Closing of Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, manning of Engineer Unit Detachment, and both the RSG and Infantry Battalion (-))