Medical Information

AMYA School Nursing Staff Objectives & Rules


Our medical clinic is staffed with registered nurses seven days a week. Normal business hours for routine medical issues and scheduling are from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

  • Mark Doughty, Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Linda Bonner-More, Registered Nurse
  • Ms. Alma Johnson aka Gayle, Office Assistant II


  • Clinic phone – 907-428-7364
  • Clinic fax – 907-428-7386

Contact Information

Mark Doughty, Medical and Counseling Section Supervisor 907-428-7351

James Jones, AMYA Deputy Director 907-428-7306


To keep program participants physically healthy and actively participating in the AMYA program. Nursing services include medication management, coordination of health care, dental, and vision needs. We also have a Counseling Section during week days to address your child’s mental health needs.

Special Dietary and/or Religious Needs

If your child has special dietary or religious needs, please contact AMYA Nursing staff so those needs can be addressed appropriately. This includes vegetarian diets, No pork diets, Fasting, lactose intolerance, and any food allergies, etc. If your child has a history of severe allergic reactions to certain foods, they should bring with them at least two epi-pens prescribed by a healthcare provider.

Allergen Form

AMYA is a participant in the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development’s Child Nutrition Program. If your Cadet has special nutritional or dietary needs, please review the attached form and have the child’s medical provider complete and sign the form prior to the beginning of program attendance.

Allergen form (.pdf)

Thank you for your assistance,

Mark Doughty, RN


  • ALL medications are required to have a prescription by a licensed MD, ANP, Midwife, or Physician’s Assistant including but not limited to: over the counter medications, laxatives, antacids etc.
  • ALL medications must be in original container with prescription label.
  • AMYA staff is not authorized to administer holistic/naturopathic preparations, supplements, or home cures.
  • Please do not send over-the-counter medications with your candidate/cadet or attempt to mail or bring those items to them at AMYA.

Prescription Medications

  • Cadet prescriptions for controlled medications (examples include ADHD medications such as concerta) will be filled at Family Pharmacy in Eagle River when AMYA staff are asked to provide this service. AMYA will need a written script signed by the prescribing provider for each month of participation during the program. Please provide AMYA nursing staff with enough prescriptions needed to provide your child with medications for the duration of the AMYA program.
  • Parents may also elect to purchase medications from the pharmacy of their choice and drop off those medications to the nursing department during normal business hours (0800 to 1600, Mon.-Fri.)
  • The contact numbers for the Family Pharmacy are: Phone 907-694-7007, Fax 907-694-7051. Please utilize these numbers to arrange for payment of any co-pays your insurance coverage may require. If insurance lapses (including Denali Kid Care), the parent or guardian will be responsible for these expenses.

Scheduling Medical Appointments

  • When scheduling appointments for your child, please coordinate with the Medical office and provide the appointment time, date, physician, location, and time it will take to accomplish the appointment. The cadets are required to have a referral/treatment form from our office for all appointments to confirm the treatment provided and any aftercare requirements.
  • If your child takes controlled medications or any for mood or behavior concerns, please call the medical section to discuss your child’s individual needs to ensure no break in medication administration.

Medical Power of Attorney

  • Parents/Legal guardians are required to sign a release granting the AMYA medical staff the authority and responsibility to manage the health care of your child. AMYA nursing staff work closely with parents to ensure all necessary emergency and routine health care needs are met Over-the-counter medications will be provided per our Health Practitioner and Physician's standing orders and sick call procedures.

Denali Kid Care (DKC)
  • AMYA Participants may qualify for Denali Kid Care while in the program and all participants are encouraged to apply. Medical care costs are the responsibility of the parent or guardian of each participant so it is critical that medical insurance (including Denali Kid Care) be kept current and active during the entire program. If your child is covered by Denali Kid Care, Medicaid, or any other insurance, please make sure these policies are maintained and updated as required.


  • AMYA has limited ability to provide transportation when needed and parents will be encouraged to provide transportation for routine appointments whenever possible.

Emergency treatment

  • If immediate medical attention is not available, AMYA staff will initiate the Emergency Medical Response Plan and cadets will be transported to local hospitals for emergency care when needed.

Communication with parents/guardians

  • AMYA Nursing staff will keep parents updated on their child’s health status via phone or email

Graduation and medication recovery

  • All medications will be given back to parents prior to or following Graduation. All controlled medications must be signed for by the parent/guardian with proper identification or the cadet if they are over 18 years of age.

Health Information Privacy and Protection Act (HIPPA)
  • Our office complies with the Health Information Privacy and Protection Act (HIPPA) to ensure the privacy rights for all program participants.