Success Stories from Cadets

Portraint of Command Senior Chief John Patrick Briody of class 97-1 or 97-2
Command Senior Chief John Patrick Briody, Class 97-1

Jovani Kimball
I just want to thank you for having this program! My son, Jovani Kimball attended approximately 2 years ago. Because of you he graduated high school this past summer and he just graduated Army basic training. If he hadn't attended AMYA he probably wouldn't have graduated high school and he definitely would not have gone into the Army. I am so thankful for everything you guys do for these kids.
Melissa Rosch

Cadet Taylor
Cadet Loretta Taylor, class 2015-1, was awarded the High School Culinary Excellence Award. She was nominated by her Chefs to represent their high school. The chefs were impressed by her leadership skills to which she credited her time in AMYA and her platoon leaders. She was also awarded the Debra Price Award for "Courage & Adversity" with a $500 scholarship. She is the first student awarded this award after only a year of school. She made sure she credited AMYA for the inspiration of this award and made sure everyone knew.

Lives changed by Military Youth Academy

Rafael Vicens, far right, raises his hand with other cadets during a National Guard Alaska Military Youth Academy tour of the air control tower at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, Feb. 14.

The South Central Alaska Region US Naval Recruiter has reported that Class 2009-1 graduates Wesley Jimenez and Kyle Mead have passed the Navy rescue swimmer test at the Rescue Swimmer School, Naval Air Station, Jacksonville FL. They will be training to pull downed pilots out of the water. Both will receive a $25,000 bonus for their job specialty.

My oldest daughter, Cadet Victoria Byram, who graduated the military youth academy in 2007-1 is again graduating tomorrow - from A.I.T at Fort Lee Virgina. I am sad I am not able to be there to take pictures and congratulate her, but, none the less, I am very proud of her. Just thought I'd let you guys know and wanted to share!!! Take Care All, Chrissy

Steven Wojick, graduate of class 2008-2 Mighty Eagles, will be standing up in front of his Navy boot camp class as the “Most Improved Recruit”. According to reports the Navy recruiter received, Cadet Wojick is not the quiet cadet he was while here but has become quite a remarkable young man.

As a proud parent of the cadets of 2009, I would just like to tell all the other parents out there "we as parents should be proud" -  our young men and women are growing and changing.  We should all hold our heads high for them and smile. GO EAGLES!

Hello Again!!  My name is Chrissy and I am returning to this board again.  I had my daughter go to AMYA and she graduated as an honor cadet and she is now finishing AIT at Fort Lee Virgina the end of this month.. And I now have my son in AMYA this program IS changing lives of many teens and I cannot thank AMYA enough for the changes it has made in our family THANK YOU!!!

Hi! I am the proud mom of an alumni of your program, Aaron Lopez. He is now Sgt. Lopez, currently serving his second tour in Iraq. He recently received the Bronze star with v' device. Here is a link to the article.

I thought you might be interested! The Challenge program definitely got him going in this direction. Thank you!

Karen Lopez

2Lt Clint DesJarlais, USMC
US Naval Academy Class of 2007
AMYA Graduate Class 1999-1

I may only be 16, and may not know a whole lot yet, but I do know that you run a great program. My boyfriend was in the 2000-2 class, and unfortunately was dismissed. But I wanted to write to you because he has changed so much. Before he was a trouble maker. He loved trouble, drinking and drugs. Worst of all he disrespected everyone. Ryan was so careless, he just did not care. He is back home now and even though he did not finish like we all would have liked him to, he has completely changed. He won't drink now, doesn't do any drugs. He won't even drink caffeinated soda, because it contains stimulants. Now he has so much respect for himself and others, it is amazing. He has self-discipline. Our relationship has gotten so much better. He has gotten to be such a great person. He even dresses better. He went from gangster to a nice looking respectable person. Now he is totally ready to face any challenge. We would like to come and visit. Ryan misses all of you and wants to see you and say thanks.

P.S. He has a full time job and is making about $10.00 an hour. It could not have happened without you all.

Ryan & Ashley (Class 2000-2)

Thanks for helping me out and keeping me motivated, when all I wanted to do is quit. You were like a father to me, and for that you have my deepest gratitude.

Brian Falldorf (class 96-1)

From age 14-16, I was out of control. My P.O. suggested the Academy, and I took his advice. I had always dreamt of becoming more than my parents, who were both high school drop-outs and teenage parents. I went through the program and it changed my life completely. I now have my G.E.D., two skills trainings and a better outlook on life. I currently live on my own and a. off probation. I I am 17 years old and going places. This program is the best thing that ever happened to me and it can help a lot of other teenagers to reach their goals and dreams.

Angela Meridith (Class 96-1)

The Alaska Military Youth Academy changed me by isolating me from all the negative impact of society today and having the positive leadership and influence of the staff, counselors and pastor for 5 1/2 months. It allowed me to look back and see where I was going in life and the opportunities I had after the attending the Alaska Military Youth Academy was one of the best choices of my life and all the good things I have today would not have happened if not for the Academy.

PFC Matthew Moore of the 3rd U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard), class 99-3

I will not lie. This was not an easy program. Before I came to the program I lied, cheated, stole and did many negative things that hurt my family very much. Now I realize that I was extremely heartless, so now I have a whole new respect for my family and friends thanks to the Alaska Military Youth Academy. Now in the future, when I have children I can tell them that I proved a lot of people wrong and at the same time impressed many people by graduating from the hardest high school anyone can attend, The Alaska Military youth Academy!

Bryan Ratterree, class 2000-1

I can never tell you how hopeless and disgusted I felt about myself. I had never finished anything I started and I seemed to fail at any attempt to change my lifestyle. I sincerely felt that I was useless and good for nothing, but my feelings changed drastically after spending just a few weeks at Camp Carroll.
After I realized that I could excel in just about everything you put us up against, I began to feel hope for my future. I accomplished and succeeded in so many areas that I could feel comfortable with making important decisions and goals for myself.
I can honestly say that I like who I am now, especially when I look back at where I was a year ago, and where I am now.
Lindsay Janelle Rodgers, class 94-2

My name is Ben Thomas. I graduated from the program over ten years ago. I am currently serving in the United States Navy, and have been ever since a month after graduating the program. Just know that I really appreciate everything that you all have done. It has been the foundation of my career and I still talk about the program. Thanks again.
Ben Thomas, Class 1996-2

John Patrick Briody, a graduate of Class 1996-2, was recently promoted to Chief Petty Officer (E-7) with 10 years of active duty service. John is billeted in Norfolk, VA.

David Waller
David A. Waller, Class 2001-1