The Procurement Section is responsible for purchasing and contracting for goods, services, and professional services for all DMVA divisions, managing department leases, department-wide management of State of Alaska accountable property, and for staffing, managing, and maintaining the Alaska Military Youth Academy Supply warehouse. This section also maintains the master list of training certifications and written procurement delegations for individuals with delegated procurement authority. All procurement and property actions within DMVA are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


  • Procurement Customer Service


  • Bobbi Brauneis - Procurement Specialist III

    428-7220, JBER

  • Jim Manco - Procurement Specialist II

    428-7221, JBER

  • Brandy Halverson - Procurement Specialist II

    428-7222, JBER

  • Thomas Johnson - Procurement Specialist I

    428-7223, JBER

  • AMYA Supply Customer Service

    428-7361, JBER

  • Tom Mobley - Supply Technician II

  • Eugene Dixon - Supply Technician II