Federal Technicians

National Guard Technicians are employees of The Adjutant General for Alaska as authorized by the National Guard Technician Act of 1968 (32 USC 709, Public Law 90-486). The primary mission of a National Guard technician is to provide day-to-day continuity in the operation and training of Army and Air National Guard units before, during and after mobilization.

Military technicians are employees of the Department of Army or Department of the Air Force. Military Technicians are required to maintain military membership in the National Guard, observe customs and courtesies, and maintain a military grade and unit of assignment compatible with their technician position.

The National Guard also employs Non Dual Status (NDS) technicians. NDS technicians are a small but important segment of the workforce that is not required to maintain a military affiliation as a condition of employment.

This website is intended to provide useful information for current technicians, supervisors, former technicians and applicants.

Technician SF 52s

Fill Perm Position Air Army - TBD
Temp Tech NTE Excess Air Army - TBD
Temp Tech Extension Air Army - TBD
Temp Tech NTE MRV Air Army - TBD
Temp Tech NTE Vacant Air Army - TBD
Promotion Temp Air Army - TBD
Absent US Air Army - TBD
Separation US Air Army - TBD
Return to Duty Air Army - TBD
MDR Air Army - TBD
Detail Air Army - TBD
Name Change Air Army - TBD
Time Off Award Air Army - TBD
LWOP Air Army - TBD
Resignation template 52 Air Army - TBD
Cash Award Template 52 Air Army - TBD