Alaska Civilian Armed Services Team (ACAST)


The Alaska Civilian Armed Services Team (ACAST) provides advice to the Governor and state officials on two key missions:

  1. How to make Alaska a place the US military wants to invest; and
  2. How to best be a neighbor and partner to members of the uniformed military and their families in Alaska.

The nine-member body, with members representing different regions of the state and with experience from various branches of service, was created by Administrative Order #291. The team is charged with providing an annual report of recommendations to the Governor and meets at least quarterly. The Adjutant General is an ACAST member and the Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs provides administrative support to the ACAST.

Building on a legacy of World War II and Cold War infrastructure, a unique geostrategic location, an engaged and effective Congressional delegation, and a tradition of service, ACAST seeks to expand and attract missions that improve national security and contribute to Alaska’s economy.

The Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. Coast Guard contributions to the Alaska economy are highly significant. In federal fiscal year 2016, DoD spending made up a larger proportion of Alaska’s GDP than in all but two other states, equal to about $3,840 per Alaskan each year. DoD employment that year, including both civilian and uniformed, amounted to 37,773 personnel, for a payroll of $1.6 billion.


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