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Warrior & Family Services


The Alaska-Forget-Me-Not-Coalition or COALITION’s focus is on statewide collaboration, community outreach and education and strategic partnerships that result in the identification of gaps in services, enhancement of service delivery, minimization of duplication of programs and maximization of existing funding on behalf of Service Members, Veterans and Families (SMVF) living in Alaska. Please read the below supporting documents and contact us if you wish to learn more or to join the effort to help our SMVF.

Alaska – Forget Me Not

Coalition for Alaska’s Service Members, Veterans and Families (SMVF)

Over the next few years two million warriors will join the 22 million veterans already living in our nation’s communities. The armed services and government needs the support of community organizations, federal, state and tribal agencies and others to provide Service members, Veterans and their Families (SMVF) the support they have earned. The Coalition was founded through national initiatives in order to collaborate and communicate and strengthen support services for those who have served us.


Alaska’s Service members, Veterans and Families will be supported and cared for within their communities.


Educating, informing and linking Alaskan communities, Service members, Veterans and their Families to ensure a healthy future.


Statewide coordination and collaboration – Ensuring a consistent, comprehensive approach to supporting Service members, Veterans and Families and aligning national, state and local initiatives and programs.

Community outreach and education – Providing information, training and resources to all sectors of the community on the military culture and how those impact the life cycle and our community, military and veteran population.

Strategic partnerships – Fostering collaboration and communication among partners and leveraging assets and decreasing duplication of efforts while maximizing funding efforts.


Alliances – Civilian, service and military service focus groups designed to help mitigate the negative effects associated with military service. Alliances formed include: Behavioral Health/Health; Faith & Service; Finance; Legal and Child & Youth.

Advisory Team – Compiled of stakeholders to facilitate the development of the action plan and foundation for the Coalition. Policy Board – Will be comprised of leaders to promote policy, regulatory and resource changes to accomplish the state plan while sustaining a non-partisan approach and ensure the accountability of the overall Coalition.

Behavioral Health/Health Alliance

Alaskan communities, service members, veterans and their families will be educated, informed and connected with military sensitive health services and resources.

  • Goal: Identify and collaborate with ten organizations in support of Service members, Veterans and Families by September 30, 2015.
  • Goal: Participate in ten events statewide to educate or inform about resources, military culture and issues impacting communities, families and providers as a result of military service by September 30, 2015.
  • Goal: Distribute 750 copies of the “Ask the Question” flyer to agencies/organizations serving military and veteran populations by September 30, 2015.

Faith & Service

Alaskan communities, Service members, Veterans and Families will be connected to faith and service organizations to ensure a healthy future. (Suggested)

  • Goal: Provide five “Boot Camp” workshops to include culturally diverse faith and service organizations. (Suggested)

Finance (Education & Employment)

Alaska’s military community will be financially self-sufficient.

  • Goal: Participate in ten events throughout Alaska to educate and assist Service members, Veterans and Family members about finances, education and employment by September 20, 2015.

Legal Alliance

Service members, Veterans, families and communities will have increased knowledge of and access to legal services.

  • Goal: Develop partnership to host monthly legal clinics at VA – Anchorage by July 30, 2015.
  • Goal: Develop a presentation for Anchorage Veteran Court Judge to support expansion of Vet Court to Mat-Su Valley by March 30, 2015.

Child & Youth

Alaska’s military associated children and youth will be valued and connected to youth-oriented community organizations.