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Warrior & Family Services

Family Readiness Support Assistant

The role of a Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) is to be the subject matter expert to the commander for his family readiness program. We are also available to help build the program and improve sustainability. FRSA’s help the commander with family readiness groups, resiliency, deployment cycle support at all levels, monitoring for individuals at risk and making sure they are referred to the services that they need, and being able to help the commander through trainings.

FAC provides resource and referral. (They are the emergency department/triage). Not unit specific, regionally based locations.

FRSAs are the preventative medicine for family readiness (training, FRGs, support before the emergency happens). Usually assigned to one MACOM, Alaska is a little different based on the budget cuts, and they support that entire brigade. They travel and are fully involved with the unit and its family readiness. FRSA’s are brigade level assets but they will provide assistance to the smallest detachment. They are able to travel statewide but need advanced notice so that arrangements can be made. If you’d like to have more information about your FRSA or to schedule an event click the button below.