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SSG Andrews, Monique

State Resiliency Coordinator

TEL: 907-428-7594

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SFC Singh, Diane

Master Resiliency Trainer (MRT):

  • 2 week course
  • E6 -E8, WO1-CW4, O1-O4
  • Awarded 8R ASI
  • Teach quarterly Resilience within Unit
  • Funding available for training

Resiliency Training Assistant (RTA):

  • 3 day course taught by SFC Singh or by Unit MRT’s over several drill periods
  • E5 and above
  • RTA’s assist MRT’s in resiliency briefings and training
  • Receive certification

Resiliency for family and Dod Civilians:

  • Assist Units in conducting training, briefings for both service and family members in all areas of resilience
  • Available to all service members and DoD Civilians and family members