Facilities Management Office (FMO)


To provide, maintain and operate safe, secure, high quality facilities, training areas and ranges for the Alaska Army National Guard on a cost effective basis which meet or exceed unit mission requirements, environmental compliance standards and energy efficiencies.

Physical Address:

Building 57024, PO Box 5169, Roosevelt Rd.,

JBER, AK 99505

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

0800 - 1600

Main Contact Information

Federal Facility Maintenance POC

Josh Hicks

Rental Agreements POC

(907) 428-7698

State Facilities Maintenance POC

Kirk Kempema

Divestiture Program POC

(907) 428-7698

Local Training Areas

The Facilities Management Office provides these Local Training Area (LTA) use forms and instructions to make it easier for AKARNG soldiers to complete the necessary environmental paperwork associated with field training exercises without waiting for the ARE Section to fax or mail them out. If you have any questions concerning these form(s)or instructions, please contact Emerson Krueger at 428-6769 for more information.

Alaska Army Guard Memorandum of Instruction concerning the LTA form.
Local Training Area Use Form  (Blank, Excel version.)
Local Training Area Use Form  (Blank, Adobe PDF version.)
Completed example of the Local Training Area Use Form (Excel version.)

Please read the following procedures carefully before filling-out a LTA Use Form.

To fill-out the LTA Use Form for Page One:

  1. Write usage date in the upper right hand corner of Page 1 of the form.
  2. Line 1A. Write the name of the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) or the name of the Officer in Charge (OIC) of the FTX followed by their rank.
  3. Line 1B. Write name of the Unit POC followed by their rank and telephone number.
  4. Line #1. Write the name of each detachment, company, and battalion which participated in the FTX.
  5. Line #2. Write the total number of troops involved in the FTX.
  6. Line #3. Write the number and type of each type of motorized vehicle(s) used during the FTX. Example: 2 HMMWV's, 2 SUSV's, 4 snow machines.
  7. Line #4. Write a brief summary of site conditions noted before, during, and/or after the FTX. Example: Access trail rutted from ATV traffic, pile of trash bags located near entrance, abandoned refrigerator at location X (see map).
  8. Line #5. Write the date of all activities carried out at the LTA, reference the activity to the map of the LTA on Page 2, and provide a brief description of the activity, equipment used and number of personnel involved in the activity. Example: 14 Nov 02; Area Marked B; Established bivouac, 2 tents, 15 soldiers; 15 Nov 02; Area Marked C; Established radio link with armory, snow machine used to transport two soldiers.

For Page Two:

a. Fill out Check-List at bottom of page including:

  1. Any evidence of erosion possibly caused by human activity should be marked on the map and referenced in the comment box.
  2. Any equipment lost or left at the LTA should be marked on the map and referenced in the comment box.
  3. Any wildlife observed at the LTA during the FTX should be marked on the map and referenced in the comment box.
  4. Any damaged surface vegetation (tundra or trees) possibly caused by human activity should be marked on the map and referenced in the comment box.
  5. Any photographs taken during the FTX of items mentioned on this form should be sent to the environmental office
  6. All litter and human waste should be collected and disposed of properly IAW AR 200-1.

b. All locations and activity areas referenced on Page 1 should be clearly marked on the map.

Once you have completed the form, send it to the Company HQ, Battalion S-3, 207th IN Group S-3, and AK-ARNG Environmental Office no later than two weeks following completion of the FTX.

We are here to assit you. Feel free to reach out.